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We have solutions for full height toilet partitions, decorative toilet partitions & max privacy.

Touchless Door Hardware & Accessories

Touchless Solutions for auto paper towel, auto soap, and door hardware with anti-microbial finishes

Gender inclusive restroom needs?

We have solutions

Full height toilet partitions, Decorative toilet cubicles, maximizing privacy.

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Touchless Door Hardware and Accessories

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Touchless Solutions for Auto paper towel, Auto Soap, and door hardware with anti-microbial finishes

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New ADA Compliant Products

New Products

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Manufacturer’s Representatives specializing in Architectural Specifications, ADA Compliance, Product Selection, Design & Problem Solving.


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Manufacturer’s agents for Division 8 Architectural Door Pulls & Door Accessories. Division 10 Full-height Toilet Partitions Systems, Commercial Washroom Accessories, Residential Bath Accessories, Metal and Phenolic Locker Systems.